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Myrna Hagg – On a mission

The following is a brief profile of one of the athletes I interviewed for my upcoming book. If you would like to see future profiles that I post, please subscribe on this page.

Myrna Hagg
Myrna Running on the Florida Beach

Myrna Hagg is a 50 year old triathlete who lives in Tampa, Florida. Myrna has been an athlete as far back as she can remember. She was on the swim team in high school and took up running in her twenties. Myrna discovered triathlons in her late twenties when someone in her town told her about races where you ran, cycled, and swam. Myrna did a local sprint triathlon and won. Her second triathlon was a half-Ironman and to her surprise, she qualified for the Kona Ironman in Hawaii. Myrna had great success in triathlons, ranking as high as 4rth nationally. Despite this success, when asked about her greatest accomplishment in our interview, Myna told me about the mission she has been on for over 20 years to help overweight people by teaching them how to view food differently and become active. Myrna has helped thousands of people break their food addictions and changed their lives.

I am inspired by people like Myrna who recognize how lucky they are and give back. I recently decided that I will dedicate a chapter in my book to athletes that I interviewed who are doing just that, giving back.

The tentative title for my upcoming book that features the 50 athletes that I interviewed is, “Lesson for a Strong, Healthy Life from 50 Athletes Over 50: Dream It, Live It, Love It.” I feel that this title summarizes the focus of the book. I am trying to distill lessons that I have learned in the process of interviewing the 50 athletes over 50. It has been an amazing journey and I want to share my observations and the insights gained with the world. While the lesson came from interviews with athletes over 50 years of age, I believe that the people who stand to benefit the most are in their twenties, thirties, and forties. It is within this period of time where we need to make being active a lifestyle in order to sustain an active life well beyond 50. The athletes I interviewed have all done so and have great lessons to share.

I want to thank all of you who have been sending me email encouraging me in this project as well as in my 50-k Active Challenge project. I’m having a blast doing these projects, but sometimes like this past two weeks when I had to do some business travel, it really helped to open up my email and see word of encouragement. Please keep comments on my blog coming as well as email to don@50interviews.com.