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John Mattson – Dancing on the Edge

I attended an independent publishers meeting today and happened to meet an interesting guys by the name of John Mattson. John, whose age I don’t know, but definitely over 50,  recently published a book of adventures he has had over the years around the globe.  The title is Dancing on the Edge of an Endangered Planet, and he tries to tell his stories in the context of the grandness of the planet on which we live.

John has done rock climbing, ice climbing and mountaineering all over the globe and has some fun stories to tell and good pictures to show. He also has kayaked rivers and creeks all over the place, and skied volcanoes and other wild places. You can find his website, which has some of his stories and pictures on it, at.



Eric Biedermann, age 77, talks about what sports mean to him

This video is from an interview with Eric Biedermann of Fort Collins, Colorado. This is my first experiment with video interviews and I hope you like it. Eric is a retired Lutheran minister and has lived in Fort Collins since he retired. His main sport is badminton, although his main form of conditioning is swimming. Meet Eric.

I hope to do more interviews like this, so I would love your comments and feedback.