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R.S. and Melody Mitchell – Changing hearts, changing minds, changing lives.

The following is a brief profile of people I interviewed for my upcoming book about athletes over 50. Enjoy!

R.S. Relaxing in Hawaii


Melody at the Studio


R.S. and Melody Mitchell, 61 and 54 respectively, live in Salisbury, Maryland and own and operate one of the largest martial arts schools in the country. R.S. learned martial arts from his father when he was very young, and Melody got her start when she was 34 and took a women’s self-defense course from R.S. They have, together, incorporated martial arts into their lifestyle, and are devoted to bringing others the self-esteem, self-control, self-discipline, self-defense; perseverance, respect for others, concentration, and physical fitness that results from studying martial arts. They have taught people from three years old and up, offering classes that help the very young develop coordination and strength, as well as classes that help older student defend themselves with a cane. They shared with me some of the astounding changes they have seen in students with ADHD and students with physical handicaps. They love how martial arts keeps them physically and mentally fit, and that they get to do it together.

I just did an accounting and I only have a few more athletes that I interviewed to post on this blog. I’ll be looking in the New Year to continue to bring content to this blog, even after my book comes out in March. I’d love it if you would leave comments about what you would like to see on this blog in 2010. It is a new decade, and I’m sure we are all excited about it. So, please leave a comment and I’ll get busy!

What an interesting bunch

I thought I’d devote today’s post to show you what a couple of the athletes I interviewed have been up to, beyond their sports.

Terry Peterson, a.k.a. The Unigeezer, is constantly putting out interesting videos. I love them all. This one in particular appeals to me right now, since my brain has been cranking on editing my upcoming book. The latest tentative title for the book is, “50 Athletes Over 50 Teach Us How to Live a Strong, Healthy Life.” This piece shows the transformational change that is possible, in a very humorous way.

Sandy Scott has also been busy. Sandy and his fiance Rosie, have written a book about Sandy’s comeback from fracturing his C1 vertebra, where he has gone on to win multiple Florida State cycling championships, and hopes to shatter records in 2010 as a 70 year old. You can buy their book at

True story; I happen to be talking to Dr. Vonda Wright, who is writing a section in my book, about how I couldn’t get Jack Lalanne to write an endorsement for my book, due to his exclusive agreement with a publisher. Vonda asked me if I had considered Tom Watson. For those who aren’t familiar with Tom, he recently defied age, at nearly 60 years old, to mostly lead and tie the 2009 Open Championship to enter a 4 hole play-off; 26 years after his last major US Open victory.

The day after I talked to Vonda, I was speaking with Karen Hart, who is helping me edit my manuscript, and I was informing her about my call with Vonda. I mentioned Vonda’s comment about Tom Watson, and Karen squealed. She then told me that a family member is best friends with Tom Watson.

I’m not an especially spiritual guy, but I’ll tell you this; this coincidence shocked me. As I thought more about it on my drive home, it re-energized me to double down my efforts on the book. Hey, maybe someone out there really needs the inspiration to change their life.
Whether I connect with Tom Watson or not, this was an eye-opening event, which has fired me up to not only get the book done, but make it as good as it can be. Someone’s life may depend on it.