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John Mattson – Dancing on the Edge

I attended an independent publishers meeting today and happened to meet an interesting guys by the name of John Mattson. John, whose age I don’t know, but definitely over 50,  recently published a book of adventures he has had over the years around the globe.  The title is Dancing on the Edge of an Endangered Planet, and he tries to tell his stories in the context of the grandness of the planet on which we live.

John has done rock climbing, ice climbing and mountaineering all over the globe and has some fun stories to tell and good pictures to show. He also has kayaked rivers and creeks all over the place, and skied volcanoes and other wild places. You can find his website, which has some of his stories and pictures on it, at.


Katy Okuyama – Dont give up. Just keep plugging at it and you’ll get it.

Katy Going for it at Chuns Reef on the North Shore

The following is a brief profile of one of the athletes I interviewed for my upcoming book, “Lessons for a Strong, Healthy Life from 50 Athletes Over 50.”

Katy Okuyama is a 53 year old surfer who lives in Honolulu, Hawaii, and who has passion for not just surfing, but food too. Katy’s grandfather and father were both grocers and Katy has carried on the passion for good food that was passed to her, through her work as a natural and organic food broker. While surfing doesn’t go as far back as her family’s passion for food, Katy has been surfing since she was 16 years old. Her older sister and older brother both surfed, and Katy took over her brother’s surf board when he went away to college and was immediately hooked. She tried to give up surfing in college, so that she could focus on her studies, but the ocean’s call got to her, and she returned to surfing. Katy loves the ocean and feels that its ionic effects keep her energized, and she hopes to be surfing when she reaches 90 years old.

I’m very excited about the progress on my book, “Lesson for a Strong, Healthy Life from 50 Athletes Over 50.” I’m in the process of refining and editing, and have enlisted editorial help from my friends Sharon Pearson and Karen Hart. I’m confident that they will help take my ideas and rough hewn writing, and make it an enjoyable read.

I very much feel that the next three months will be a watershed for my book project and my 50-K Active Challenge project. I’ll hopefully have exciting news to report on both fronts in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned and Dream Big!

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Bob Radocy – Today is the first day of the rest of your life

The following is a brief profile of one of the over 50 athletes that I interviewed for my upcoming book, Lesson for a Strong, Healthy Life from 50 Athletes Over 50.” To get email updates on future profiles, subscribe on this site.

Bob Radocy loves lifting and staying strong


Bob Radocy is a 60 year old archer and skier who lives in Boulder, Colorado, and who runs a company that specializes in creating prosthetics for people who have lost limbs and who want to do a sport or physical activity. Bob has been active his entire life, playing baseball in high school and hunting with his father. In 1971, Bob was in a tragic car accident, where he lost his left arm, just below the elbow. Bob’s background in physical education as well as engineering, enabled him to create a prosthetic for himself that allowed him to re-engage in activities that he enjoyed. He went on to found TRS Inc., which designs and manufactures prosthetics for active people. Bob’s says that he’d rather design a prosthetic to enable someone to run, not walk; to shoot a bow and arrow, not use a knife and fork. His work in designing prosthetics has helped thousands re-engage in activities they love, which include kayaking, lifting, climbing, running, archery, among other activities.

Bob loves being outdoors, whether it’s hiking, running, being on an archery range, or just witnessing a sunrise.  Bob told me that he feels that one measure of the richness of one’s life, is the number of sunrises you see.

A few updates on athletes I’ve interviewed. Sandy Scott will soon receive a Teschner 703 time trial bicycle as part of his sponsorship with Teschner. Sponsorship at 69? Sandy, you rock!

On my trip to New York for Thanksgiving, I read Myrna Haag’s (  new book on nutrition. I really enjoyed it and learned quite a bit. My wife and I are going to try and adopt some of what Myrna discusses in the book. You can find her book at

Speaking of books; if you are trying to find a good Christmas gift for someone who wants to be active later in life, get them a copy of my first book, “Dream It, Live It, Love It,” which contains 10 interviews with athletes over 50. They are sure to be inspired.

I recently uploaded a 9 minute video to Youtube, featuring some of the athletes I interviewed for my books. I’ve had great feedback on it. If you enjoy it, tell others about it.

I recently wrote a chapter for my book where I discuss what  strong, healthy life is. It became crystal clear to me that being healthy isn’t good enough. Being healthy means being absent of illness. Will you settle for that. Repeat after me…”Hell NO.” Lead a strong, healthy life.

Jean Aschenbrenner – Loves the feel of the rock, and the physical challenge

The following is a brief profile of one of the athletes I interviewed. To see future updates by email, subscribe to my blog on this page.

Jean Completing the 13-ers

Jean Completing the 13-ers

Jean Aschenbrenner is a rock climber who lives in Boulder, Colorado, and who was the first woman to climb all of Colorado’s mountains over 13,000 feet in elevation. Jean visited Colorado as a prerequisite trip in order to travel to Europe with her Girl Scout troupe when she was in high school. It was on that trip that Jean reached the top of her first 14,000 foot mountain, Pike Peak, and fell in love with the mountains. Jean rock climbed for the first time when she was in college, and recalls how she loved the feel of the rock, and the physical challenge. After college, Jean spent time in Kenya with the Peace Corps and climbed many peaks during her time abroad. Jean returned to Colorado where the mountains have once again captured her imagination and given her countless days of joy.

I’ve added a couple new pages to my 50 Athletes Over 50 site. I’ve posted the interview questions I used in the interviews for those who are interested.

 I also created a High Hopes page. This page is for me, and you if you desire, to get our fix of the song High Hopes, which has become somewhat of a personal theme song for my wife Sylvia and me. When my wife Sylvia recently was feeling down because she had a very slow week in her restaurant, I got her singing High Hopes while we had our morning coffee in bed. Some days when I’m feeling a bit overdrawn at the energy bank due to my job, my work on my book, and my work on the 50-k Active/Athlete Challenge, I sing High Hopes to keep plugging. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Myrna Hagg, who I interviewed back in August, just published her book, Six Steps to Never Diet Again. Read about it and see a couple cool video clips at

I’m very excited about the event I’m having on 10/24 in Fort Collins, Colorado to celebrate my first book and launch the 50-k Active/Athlete Challenge. Thirty people are registered, and I have people from the City of Fort Collins, local organizations that promote health, local sports related business owners, local politicians, some of the athletes I interviewed, as well as friends and supporters attending. I plan on showing a multi-media piece that I created at the event that I hope everyone will like. It will hit the internet on 10/25 at, so keep your eyes open.

If you like what I’m doing and want to support me, please tell everyone you can think of about the 50-k Active Challenge and send them to 50,000 is a big number and 10/10/2010 is looming.

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