Bill Hansbury – A Miracle?

Correction: When I originally posted the profile of Bill Hansbury, I was under the impression that Bill owned the “Boston Bill” sunglass company. I was recently informed that this is not the case and that Greg Chewning owns the trademark and the sunglass company that goes by that name. To avoid this  dispute, I have removed the reference to “Boston Bill”  from the post. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Bill Hansbury and his Friend Jake


The story that Hansbury has to tell is a testament to the power or being receptive to opportunities. Bill is a 72 year old cyclist and runner, who lives in Saint Petersburgh, Florida. Bill became active late in life, at the age of 28, when a friend he hadn’t seen in couple years visited him, and Bill thought he looked great. Bill asked him how he managed to look so great, and his friend told him that he had taken up running. Bill went to his bedroom, put on some sneakers and said his friend, “let’s go!” Bill stopped smoking and lost a lot of weight, and has been running regularly ever since. Bill went on to run under three hours for the marathon, run ultra-marathons, and take up cycling. A couple of years ago, Bill lost a leg to an aggressive, anti-biotic resistant infection, and he shared with me how he has begun helping others with disabilities live a better life by helping them get prosthetic limbs.
Bill has a touching story to tell and the best way to understand it, is to watch the following video. You judge if it’s a miracle.


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