Good Things Happening

This has been a very exciting week. I threw a party last Saturday to celebrate the release of my first book that featured 10 athletes over 50 (, as well as launch the 50-k Active/Athlete Challenge. It was a great success and I have tons of items to follow up on following the event. At the event, I unveiled a video to promote the 50-k Challenge, and it can be viewed at Please watch, enjoy, and be inspired. Please share it with others and be inspired to register for the Challenge at While the Challenge was inspired by athletes over 50, it is for people of all ages.

By registering you will be doing one of two things:

– if you want to become more active, you will be commiting to yourself and others in the Challenge to do so. You don’t even need to have a goal defined. You are just commiting to find one.

– if you are as active as you want to be, you will be standing beside me in making a statement about the importance of living an active life. I believe that if we got more active (health reform), we would need less health care reform.

Please join, it is easy and free.

I’m excited about a couple of guest blogs that are upcoming. Cheryl Ragsdale (, whom I interviewed in early October, will be giving us her view on living an active/juicy life. Terry Peterson ( will be sharing his passion for mountain unicycling with us also.

I’m very excited by the fact that a production company for the BBC has contacted me to help them in putting together a documentary aimed at getting teens in the UK more active. I don’t want to say much more, but this is very exciting. Wouldn’t it be cool if the 50-k Active Challenge went big in Europe? I’d love to hear from you on active senior communities in the USA that you know of.

I’m trying to figure out what my next big event will be. I’m leaning toward a Playshop (as opposed to a workshop). The objective of the Playshop would be to re-open people’s eyes to the power of PLAY!

I’m working very hard on my book featuring 50 athletes over 50, and hope to publish it in March 2010. I would love to have opportunities to tour various active cities and give talks and sign books. If you want to work on organizing such an event in your area, email me at I’m also very excited that Don Ardell and Nikole Medic, who are both broadly published in wellness and masters sports research, are on board to write sections in my upcoming book. I am thrilled to have these experienced authors weigh in on what they think in the context of my book.


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