Loretta Claiborne – Loves to run, and ski, and skate, and bowl …

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Loretta Claiborne, Champion
Loretta Claiborne, Champion

Loretta Claiborne is a 56 year old runner and Special Olympian who lives in York, Pennsylvania. Loretta, who discovered running when she was 12 years old through her older brother who was a great high school athlete, also participates in ice skating, bowling, tennis, snow skiing, basketball, and golf. Loretta discovered Special Olympics when someone in a workshop at her school noticed her running rather than taking the bus to school. That event opened up a world for Loretta that led to a lifelong love of sports, which includes running 26 marathons, one being the Boston Marathon. Loretta loves to run, and has incorporated running into her daily life, even using it for transportation around town. Loretta is currently trying to become a better tennis player, and continues to be an ambassador for Special Olympics.

Like Loretta, several of the athletes I interviewed have made it part of their life’s work to give back and help others to live a more active life. In my upcoming book I plan on having a chapter devoted to the topic of giving back.

The event on 10/24 in Fort Collins, Colorado to celebrate my first book and launch the 50-k Active/Athlete Challenge was a huge success.  When I get some photos back from the event, I will post more about it. I appreciate everyone’s continued support in this project and I’m very optimistic about where it is going. Dream BIG!


5 responses to “Loretta Claiborne – Loves to run, and ski, and skate, and bowl …

  1. we were watching a movie about you and we felt sad and happy when you won a race or did something good with others also i think yes u can throw a punch

  2. I have seen Loretta’s life movie twice now and have cried both times. I just love what she has accomplished. I am also on Facebook and I would love to see Lorretta there also. I would be very proud to sit and visit with her. I would also like to know if she ever comes to Arkansas I would make sure to be there to see her. She is someone I think the world should Idol.

  3. Im very inspired by Loretta i watched the Loretta Claiborne Story the other day and im a track runner as well and she made a very big impact on the way i look at all my sports i play..including basketball,cheerleading,and volleyball

  4. I watched the Loretta Claiborne story yesterday on Life time network. I cried all the way through the movie. Not becasue of the abuse from others and her sister, because, no matter how hard it was for people to accept her for who she was, she never gave up. I cried so much that it hurt. I too have a brother that is mentally retarded. Every year when he was a teenager he attended the speical olympics. He won several medals, and really enjoyed being with competitors who were just like him. He continues to go to the workshops daily, and finds peace of mind there. When Loretta recieved her ESPY award, I was out and out bawling. She is an inspiration to us all, with or without mental disabilites.

  5. Beverly Keating

    What an inspiration. I really enjoyed the movie about her life. I live in York co and would love to see her run.

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