High Hopes and the 50-k Active/Athlete Challenge

Just what makes that little old ant (Don), think he can move a rubber tree plant (50,000 people)? Anyone knows an ant, can’t, move a rubber tree plant….but he’s got HIGH HOPES, he’s got HIGH HOPES, he’s got high, apple pie in the sky hopes……

My goal of recruiting 50,000 people to adopt the healthy habits from the athletes I’ve interviewed, is less than a year away – 10/10/2010. As of today, there are somewhere between 110 and 130 people registered. It’s hard to say, because some people who originally registered on facebook, have not reregistered on 50-k.net, where I’m keeping the official tally. I’m hoping that supporters will make that effort soon, but it has been a hurdle.

I’m putting lots of energy into promoting the 50-k Challenge, and there are quite a few things going on. I recently posted a cool slide show of some of the athletes I interviewed on http://www.50-k.net. Check it out and let me know what you think!

50-k.net Inspirational Quotes from 50k Active Athlete Challenge on Vimeo.

I have received some photos from supporters of the 50-k Challenge wearing their “Active Life” T-shirts, and here are a couple. You may recognize these folks from previous posts.

Terry Peterson supporting 50-k Challenge

Terry Peterson supporting 50-k Challenge

Maria Riquet supporting 50-k Challenge

Maria Riquet supporting 50-k Challenge

If you support what I’m doing with the 50-k Active/Athlete Challenge, you can support me by registering for the Challenge at www.50-k.net. You can also order the nifty T-shirts like Terry and Maria are wearing at http://50-k.net/the-store?page=shop.browse&category_id=1

Soon I’ll be writing on 50.k.net about the second step in the 50-k Challenge process, setting goals. I feel that goals get cemented when we write them down and make them public. I felt the power of this when I was in college and trying to qualify for the NCAA championships in the 3,000 meter steeplechase. I had been running in the 9:30s, while the qualifying standard was 9:18. I felt that I could qualify and that became my goal. In fact, I thought I could run 9:14, so I made up a poster with 9:14.0 written in big, bold letters and hung it on the wall above my bed. Every day I would see that sign, as would my roomate or others that entered my room. I began lowering my time into the 9:20’s, but when I got to the last regular season race, I still had not quaified. In that last race, guess what I ran….9:14.0!

There was another time when my college cross-country team, who had never placed higher than 18th in the NCAA championships, convinced ourselves we could place in the top 5. That summer, I made up posters that said “Top 5 in ’85” inside a map of the USA, and mailed these to the whole team. These were proudly diplayed in our appartments. That year we went undefeated and finished 3rd in the NCAA championships.

I call this the Power of Writing It Down (WID). I would love to hear your stories of the Power of WID, so please email them to me at don@50-k.net.

…So any time you’re feelin’ bad, just remember that ant…..Oops there goes another rubber tree, Oops there goes another rubber tree, Oops there goes another rubber tree plant……

If you want to shift to a healthier lifestyle or if you want to help me make a statement about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, please help me move those darn rubber trees by registering for the 50-k Active/Athlete Challenge at www.50-k.net!

Also, spread the word by letting your friends know about this blog and 50-k.net.


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